Day 5: PSN still dark, Sony murky on details

Intentionally bad math is sometimes a mark of genius, but mostly it means you're kinda dumb.

So previously, it came to the world’s attention thanks to the PlayStation blog that Sony had hit the brakes on their own network, turning it off to avoid… something. What is it? Why does it require more than 4 days to fix by literally turning off a worldwide network?

I mean, if they were installing Xbox live onto PSN then I’d totally be okay with the change because then IT MIGHT RUN THE RISK OF POSSESSING SOME MARGINAL DEGREE OF RELIABILITY.

That said, here we are on the fifth day of a dead network with Sony sitting adorably mute and typically useless. Note their blog, and it’s daily update of “Today’s update is that there is no progress or update to report. Thanks for paying $50 for a service that doesn’t work, we look forward to your continued support as we run this fucker right into the ground.” I’m paraphrasing a bit, but the PlayStation Blog pretty much says that exactly. Well, without sarcasm.

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