PSN Pentetrated From the Rear, Sony in tears

Anon's mysterious heads up indicated that they were no longer hurting customers, is it someone new? A rogue Anon? Division by zero?

It’s late weekend news, but in trying to see what, if anything, was known about the outages affecting PlayStation Network access that have now been going on for the last three days worldwide.

Sony’s PlayStation blog referred to “external intrustion” as the case for the outage, or rather, an investigation into an intrusion that involved Sony hitting the killswitch on their own network. Joystiq contemplates this as a possible Anonymous attack and notes that Anonymous seemed to indicate that they were done hacking Sony’s shizzle. Furthermore, Sony’ has MOSTLY wrapped things up with loudmouth, dickwaving nutjob, GeoHot, shaking hands and wagging a knowing finger warning of tentacle action next time. While Graf_Chokolo has been left in the cold, probings hands of German law enforcement following his lashing out at Sony since the raid on his home.

Either Graf is still a massive hacker priority or someone just wanted to see if anyone would notice something SO BAD that Sony would turn off their PlayStation Network for over 72 hours to find it. That prospect alone is scary because the intrusion may have been to collect credit card data, addresses of users or unzip the entirety of the network from the inside undoing stuff and planting insidious stuff like the Archer Pirate/Bird virus. Whatever the purpose, Sony shutting things down only mean that this just got worse or it’s worse than they’re telling us.

(Did Sony contract the ISIS worm from Archer?)

Sure, they could be fixing some gaps in code or improving Network problems, or they could be doing the typical corporate action of trying desperately to fix a problem that has exploded beyond their ability to contain and/or cover their tracks amidst utter disaster that could cost them billions or bankrupt them overnight. Don’t want to plant the worse case scenario in your heads, but brace for it when/if it happens.

That said, Happy Easter Everyone!

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