Summer Wars: Video games SAVE the world? Tell me more…

(Trailer for Summer Wars’ english language dub)

As usual, coming out of left field is Daison! With something I actively avoided when the ads for it showered the internet in the scarce days before its release. Looked like some Digimon-type thingy.

That’s a damn pity because aside from it being one of Mad House’s finest projects to date, it’s one of the most amazing nerd anthems ever conceived. Tears streamed down my cheeks like twin waterfalls of joy as math nerding, video games and the bond of a close family did something absolutely fucking amazing. It’s a gripping movie that will have you throwing over tables with irrational exuberance as you literally cheer on fictional people in their fight to save the world with math, laptops and portable gaming.

This is what I wish my family gatherings were like instead of getting each iteration of game boy slapped out of my hands. Quite literally to this day. I’m thinking I may just leave the review in Daison‘s court because I keep feeling all moved to tears and stuff over stuff like this good and no amount of frothing will do it justice.

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