Dead Island. Now with more Trailer!

Okay. I wouldn’t imagine myself ever really CARING for a trailer for a game, but this one really tugs on the old Heart Strings. I guess we can chalk it up to being a first person Left 4 Dead. 4 players Co-Op coming soon to Xbox, PS3 and PC. Good? Bad? I wanna know if you guys are going to be playing it!

One Response to Dead Island. Now with more Trailer!

  1. Tekyu says:

    I have to imagine the game won’t be as remotely dramatic, but as a cg teaser I’m doubly impressed by the horrifyingly realistic appearance of EVERYTHING to the grisly and unhappy fate to befall that scared little girl.

    Just AWFUL.

    But point me to a preorder because this apparently seems like the year for it.

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