Toy Fair 2011: Other stuff… and stuff!

Kotaku decided to expand their wild thirst for cool things in visiting toy fair in New York.

Also, Seibertron finally got off their keesters (THANK GOD!) and put up their notoriously sextastic imagery from the fair. Check their galley out HERE. Additional details of everything TFormers covered, but Seibertron has the polish we all crave for quality Transformer toy porn that’ll include all the wacky Star Wars: Transformers crossover stuff.

They’ve popped a bunch of the amazingly cool items they’ve seen including new GI Joes, Thor, Star Wars, Transformers, Play Doh, etc. Go nuts! Be crazy! Things look much cuter this year. I find myself strangely intrigued by the Rescue Robots and I can’t pretend I don’t find myself interested in the bleeping chibi-Falcon.

Weirdly, it’s the Hasbro stuff that seems to get snagging all the high-end press or at least the mass nerd concern. Works for me!

More as it happens.

EDIT: Seibertron even snagged a shot of the Marvel figures coming out and I had a nerd-gasm when I saw the massive Sentinel figure as well as the superlative looking Thanos figure. If they come out of a Doctor Strange and a Dormammu, I may be complete as a human being.

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