Transformers: New ‘bots seen moonin’ yo’ momma! Um, on the moon.

(TF3 super bowl teaser)

Entertainment Weekly has a fairly extensive article detailing a calculated reveal of Optimus Prime’s predecessor, Sentinel Prime, whose strange exile put him on Earth’s moon as well as a look as Megatron’s new appearance.

Uh… Excuse me, I have a question… Isn’t the moon getting a little overcrowded with robots now? Between The Fallen making it his summer home and the Decepticons hiding their every weekend, there’s also a creepy robot nursery up there full of protoforms, right? Shouldn’t they, in all their copious spare time, have stumbled across traces of Sentinel snoozin’ up there?

Fine. Shutting up. I’ll wait until I see the film while wearing my Optimus Prime helmet.


ANYWAY, so EW has images, some recycled info and pictures, two of which I and every other blog on earth have mirrored after the cut (plus my award winning commentary!)…

Sentinel Prime looks hot. Well, sort of… in a “bag over the head” sort of way. I hate his face and he retains more Bayformer style characteristics that I would prefer, but he bears a suspiciously “optimus-y” physique and it’s hard to dislike a BIG robot with a vehicle kibble-cape, massive shield and a pig sticker as handsome as the one he wields. Like I said, HOT!

For clarification purposes to those blissfully unaware, Sentinel has been a shadow up until recently in Transformers: Animated Sentinel was Optimus’ most trusted friend until a horrible accident happened and Sentinel made it his life’s ambition to hurt Optimus in his military career.

I mentioned he was a “shadow” before TF: Animated, that’s because everywhere else Sentinel Prime is dead. Dead as can be. Dead because Megatron made a brutal example of him and placed his head on a pike. He was the previous holder of the Matrix of Leadership and through rough and shaky circumstances one rose above the ranks of other Autobots and this punk Optimus took over.

The decision to use this character remains something of a mystery to me, but all the same I feel the toy at least is a nice addition and the act of keeping things “like Optimus” is kinda cute. Not great. Just cute.

Speaking of cute…

There’s THIS little tease as EW also made a point of showing off the new look for Megatron as a junker “Mad Max” semi-tractor that wear a tarp as a cape/hood of shame. Granted, it’s old news, but it’s worth noting anyway. Megatron as a truck is a neat twist and after all the weird/horrid alien abominations they’ve used to portray Megatron so far, this is easily the best looking and possesses a lot of bitter and angry charm. And hands, not a lobster claw and not clamps. Megatron has HANDS.

It’s sort of like an unspoken “SUCK IT, PRIME!” that seems refreshing compared to Bay’s other forms of bastardization so far. I like it. For now.

Anyway, I’m not getting my hopes up for DOTM, but I’m less angry at the toys now. I can’t stand their massive goober-grabber-claws and oversized-doof-cannons that look just horrible. I mean, if you’re going to make the guns transform, just take the idea from the late eighties and make targetmasters! But then that’s hasbro, they don’t want to make combiner robots made from smaller robots and they don’t like ideas that sit well with people their buy their stuff.


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