Dead Space 2: Unboxed!

(Dead Space 2 trailer expressing that Isaac is strong with the crazy.)

So I got the WHOOP-DE-DOO edition. Cool, right?

Benefits of the Collector’s edition include:

1. Dead Space 2 game
2. Replica plasma cutter/laser pointer?
3. Game Soundtrack
4. Online Pass (allows you to play L4D style multiplayer & gives free in-game gear)
5. Dragon Age 2 “Isaac Inspired Armor”
6. Post card? Wish you were here in hell?

I don’t have too much else to say about the game except that I just watched a dude slit his own throat and clearly I need to focus!

I’ll be on Xbox Live if anyone needs me.

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  1. […] who asked about obtaining a replica plasma cutter. Specifically, the one I discussed in my clumsy unboxing of the Dead Space 2 CE boxed set from Dead Space 2's original release. It comes a little late, but […]

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